A movement screening and functional testing are the first two tools used at Fit Metrics when evaluating someone's overall movement capabilities. 

Part one consists of basic and moderately difficult actions that rate your balance IQ and fundamental strength. Part one also screens for pain, poor joint performance and movement restrictions. 

Part two is a mixed workout looking at your physical function. It allows the trainer to see all the low scores on the prior screen show up in an exercise setting.  It also further exposes any underlying issues by challenging motion and stability further.  Each FREE evaluation is structured like this and ranges from 45-60 mins.



The consultation results will determine how much of a system reboot you'll need and where to start.  The first goal regardless of your chosen path is to groove a fluid breathing rhythm and increase muscle activity. We will then address any of your pain and movement restrictions.  Muscle releasing and stretching will be built into your program as a first line of defense against pain dense sites and motion restricted muscle.  Eating correct, good sleep and proper water intake will expedite the process.  

At Fit Metrics: fat is released, postural faults are aligned, muscle is toned & relaxed, stability & mobility is tuned, DNA ingrained movements are awoken, joint range increases, balance intelligence sharpens and spatial awareness improves.  Movement becomes more fluid. 



You are now living a more aware life. Your waking energy levels remain surged. Your sleep cycle is sound. You choose to eat whole foods as often as you can.  Your exercise fuels this desire to feed your body nutrient dense calories.  You’ve dialed in on your metabolic type and consume your macro-nutrients accordingly.

Workouts are experienced as a recharging of the battery now. You are more aware of your physical body. You can identify pain sooner and implement techniques learned to eliminate it from its source.

The strength, balance, and respiration challenges will increase: Functional Muscle continues to develop, your natural movement patterns are very precise, and you’ve mastered many mobility and stability obstacles. We will continue working on many movement barriers and fine tune balance.

You will achieve an evenness in your body that makes movement free and easy.  You will desire exercise. You will hone a self-gauge for your optimal work capacity. More importantly you will learn that recovery is equal to exertion. The equilibrium between working in and working out is refined.                


At this level your stress is lower or rather your ability to handle it is higher. You don't dread exercise. You do it because your body wants you to do it and it aids a successful routine. You appreciate the orchestrating of the hard and easy style.  Gradually implementing all of your program truths into your life will have a branching out effect not only benefiting your training but also your career, relationships and cognition.

Your motion is more natural. This new found fluidity will assist with life's tasks.  It will also translate over to whatever sport you may play. You are mindful enough to include your restorative exercises into your vitality blueprint. An example of a restorative exercise would be yoga. We have now updated our operating system. We are now performing at a higher level. Our physical and mental bodies are sharpened. We realize though we will always need to restore and reprogram to operate the latest version of ourselves. We seek balance and the bounty is plentiful. This system is for anyone @ any age.