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The FitMetrics Difference

Located in beautiful Blue Bell, PA, we are an exclusive personal training studio that puts the focus on YOU. Whether it's a group class or one-on-one, we know all of our clients like we know our own family. We are all about proper form and technique, tailoring each plan specific to the individual and making sure that you get the results you're looking for...
Whatever your goals may be!

We've helped so many clients transform themselves already and would love the opportunity to do the same for you. Just fill out our form and take the first step on the house!


Melissa's Baby Weight

My experience at Fit Metrics has been life changing.  I gained around 100 lbs. with my twins. I have been working with Joe and Andrea for 6 months now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The workouts are always different and I look forward to each session. They are very personable and extremely encouraging. After I had my twins I had zero energy and felt awful all the time. It took me a few months to get back on my feet after my C-section.  Joe and Andrea helped me tone and strengthen my body. I am back to my pre pregnancy weight and able to keep up with my energetic one year olds.


Andrea's Pregnancy

Andrea is one of the owner/trainers here at FitMetrics, and a living example of “practice what you preach”. Andrea’s goal through her pregnancy was to stay fit throughout. She kept up a healthy lifestyle and still ate very healthy, although she did still enjoy her many indulgences. Her main strategy was to not stop working out. She didn't go as hard or as intense, but she still did resistance training up until about 8 months, then the last month she did mainly cardio. She only gained 23 pounds by the time she had her baby, and lost it all within a month. She had her baby in July, and by October she was 10 pounds less than her pre-pregnancy weight, and still is. 

“Don't let pregnancy be an excuse to stop working out and still living a healthy lifestyle. However, hormones will do crazy things! So, if you can't completely control the weight gain, if you get back to a healthy eating plan and the right workout regimen, you WILL and CAN get your body back in no time.”


Debbie Walker

I've been a member of Fit Metrics for  approximately 14 months. I work with each of the owners, Joe and Andrea. A brother/sister team. Each trainer has their own unique style and both work me hard. At the end of my workout I feel physically drained, yet exhilarated.

I am also a breast cancer survivor.  When I started at Fit Metrics, I wore a compression sleeve to contain the fluid build up in my arm. Within three months of working out, the lymphedema, (fluid) had left my body and is now managed by the remaining lymph nodes. 

What I really like is that the focus is on ME. Working to strengthen my core body muscles, maintaining the proper body form, and some weight management, in a safe and fun environment. I look forward to my training/workout sessions every week.

Daniela Cucuzza

I have trained with many trainers in the past, however training with Joe and Ang has been by far the best! They really know how to push you, but still make you feel comfortable. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to come to this gym 4 days a week (2 days of one on one sessions and 2 days of boot camp) Don't be fooled by the size of the gym because the possibilities are endless! Keep up the good work FitMetrics Staff.

Kevin McNamara

Fit Metrics is a great place to train. I have been training with co-owners Joe and Andrea for 8 years. The focus is on the specific needs of clients. A place to train for all different levels of athletic capabilities. They are both experts in resistance training, core development, functional movement, weight loss and performance enhancement. The studio is top notch. I wouldn't consider training at any other place.

Connie Natal

I was searching for a place to work out. What a find at Fit Metrics! I have been working with both Andrea and Joe twice a week for over a year now. What a difference in my strength, flexibility and endurance!  

If you're interested stop by and check out Fit Metrics! Andrea and Joe will assess your needs and come up with a workout designed just for you!